A new international EU funded project to help girls choose Steam study disciplines.

S Team Schools Team Up is the new Project that involves some associations and schools in Italy Croatia and Spain to achieve gender equality between boys and girls in the study of Steam subjects starting from secondary school of first grade.


  • S Team Schools Team Up is an international project funded by the European Union through the Erasmus program.
  • The project involves three partners: Assoform Romagna in Italy, Women Space Extremadura in Spain, and Ivan Cankar primary school in Zagreb, Croatia.
  • The project aims to promote gender equality in the study of STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) starting from secondary school of first grade.
  • The project will develop guidelines and manuals of best practices for teachers and students to better involve girls in STEAM subjects.
  • The project will include hackathons within national schools and a final hackathon in Rimini in September, where the three best student groups from Spain, Italy, and Croatia will compete to create the most innovative project within STEAM disciplines.

The partnership behind the S-TEAM project was formed to involve entities with different areas of expertise and levels of action. The partnership comprises a training institution (Assoform), a primary school (Ivan Cankar Primary School), and an association (Women Space Extremadura). Each partner has experience in addressing social issues through education, which will enable the project to tackle gender issues in STEM from various perspectives. Assoform and Women Space have connections to the job market and civil society, while Ivan Cankar Primary School has a direct connection to the primary beneficiaries of the project. READ MORE

The winning group of students from the local schools involved in the STEM training course, aimed at 12-13-year-olds, will have the opportunity to present and realize their winning project at a final Hackathon in Rimini, Italy in September 2023. This event will be hosted by Assoform and Karis school and will involve students from other countries as well. Five students and one teacher from each participating country will travel to Italy to participate in the Hackathon, where they will use STEM tools provided by ASSOFORM to work on their projects. All students will be representatives of their school and will be awarded for their participation. READ MORE

December 2021
The Idea
The Idea Was Born

in December 2021, the Assoform Romagna team decides to embark on a design and operational path within the Erasmus+ project. From the outset, the goal was to explore new teaching methods that were able to bridge the gender gap in professional careers related to S.T.E.M.+A disciplines

January 2022
First steps
The S-Team project takes shape

Once the priority objective has been defined, the Assoform Romagna team begins to outline the main points of the project and at the same time begins to draw up the list of necessary tools.

February 2022
Bulding up the S-Team
Making the Partnership

As soon as objectives and tools were identified, the partnership creation phase began. Assoform Romagna in collaboration with Argo Project, begins the contract with a series of potential partners. At the end of this phase, the team is formed by: Assoform Romagna as project leader; Women Space for the activity of framing objectives and modalities; Osnovna škola Ivana Cankara as coordinator for hackathon activities.

March 2022
Presentation of the project and registration to the tender

The project is presented to the examining commission for evaluations and in the meantime the partnership network is consolidated through online meetings, where the objectives and themes of the project are discussed

August 2022
Let's go!
The project is accepted

The planning of the calendar for the various phases of the project begins and it is decided to start the activities in September 2022

September 2022
Get to know each other
Assesment Phase

In the months from September to December 2022, the 3 partners involved carried out local surveys about the situation of teaching STEM+A disciplines and about the various cases of projects aimed at bridging the gender gap in the study of these disciplines.

January 2023
Surveys data collection
Data analysis and drafting of good practices handbook

After having collected the research reports carried out by the partners, Women Space begins drafting a memorandum which collects the various local experiences highlighted in the assessment phase. After having collected the research reports carried out by the partners, Women space begins drafting a memorandum which collects the various local experiences highlighted in the assessment phase. Women Space also begins drafting a manual that includes suggestions, methods and resources for teaching STEM+A disciplines in an inclusive and stimulating way, always with the aim of bridging the various gender gaps

March 2023
Phase 2 begins with the testing

The second phase of the S-Team project involves verifying the effectiveness of the proposed good practices through lectures and STEM+A laboratories. At first, more generic topics were addressed in order to prepare the students participating in the next step, which involves participation in a local hackathon, the winning of which will give access to an international hackathon that will take place in Rimini, where the winners of the 3 countries involved: Italy, Spain and Croatia.

April 2023
Testing phase continues
OTTO DIY Robots are on the way

Orders are placed for the purchase of OTTO DIY training kits which will be used to practice in view of the local and international hackathon.

June 2023
Local Hackathon celebration
Local Hackathon

All schools involved in the S-TEAM project has celebrated its Local Hackathon. The winner of each Local Hackathon will travel to Rimini for final competition.

August and September 2023
European Hackathon preparations
European Hackathon preparations

The international Hackathon will take place in Rimini on November 24, 2023, in the spaces of the Karis School.
The event will include the presence of three teams of students from Spain, Croatia and Italy.

October 2023
International Hackathon Program
The program for the International Hackathon is defined

The Partners and Schools participating in the project coordinate to decide the definitive program for the day of the International Hackathon: the morning of the first day will be dedicated to the presentation and evaluation of the projects created by the student teams, while the conference and awards ceremony will take place in the afternoon .

October 2023
International Hackathon
The first phase of the International Hackathon begins

The objectives of the hackathon and its implementation methods are presented to the participating teams: the 3 teams will have one month to choose and develop an idea and present this project during the international event in Rimini.

November 24th 2023
International Hackathon
International Hackathon Kickoff

Participants from three teams at the international hackathon showcased their projects and engaged in a collaborative evaluation of each other's work, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas.

November 24th 2023
International Hackathon
International Hackathon Conference and Awarnings

In the afternoon, the conference and awards ceremony for the 'S-Team Project' hackathon unfolded, marking the culmination of a year-and-a-half-long journey, where participants' dedication and innovation were celebrated.


ASSOFORM and WOMEN SPACE have chosen useful tools and materials to support the learning journey in the S-TEAM project, providing information on the main resources that will be used during the course, such as the OTTO DIY kit, Tinkercad, 3D printing, slicing software, and coding platform based on Scratch. These tools will help the kids to develop STEM skills, enhance creativity and promote problem-solving abilities. In addition, the Partners will offer tips and guidelines on how to use these resources effectively, as well as links to external sources for further exploration.