The International European Hackathon is the focus of the whole project. Thought the use of Gamification it brings added strengths to the achievement of the objective to encourage and promote the European dimensions in schools thorough the Involvement of students and teachers from different European countries, creating occasions for discussion and exchange. This activity gives partners, students, schools and teachers the possibility to meet and create networks, to work together and learn from each other, by strengthening not only the European dimension of the organizations involved but also the feeling of the European belonging. The International European Hackathon is a possibility for girls to participate in an European dimension for realizing their designed STEAM projects and for increasing their confidence. These are the reason why Partners have chose to set up the International European Hackathon in a new form: less competition, more sharing and collaboration, convinced that this is the key to change in teaching of Steam disciplines.


The international Hackathon of the S-Team project aims to bring together the different participating realities, in particular the students involved, to give the opportunity to share the experiences and knowledge acquired during the project. The participating teams will have the opportunity to get to know each other, make friends and present projects and creations developed based on one of the 5 “missions” to choose from. The “missions” will be presented to the teams 4 weeks before the final event which will be held in Rimini – Italy on 24 November 2023. The carrying out of the “missions” can be undertaken either purely by design or by involving the creation of prototypes based on the OTTO kits DIY, as well as being the subject of multimedia/social content. During the final event it will be possible to use the classrooms and spaces made available by the Karis Institute, as well as use material and equipment (3D printers, OTTO DIY kits, laptops, various tools) made available by Assoform Romagna. Even during the final event, experts and professionals from the S.T.E.A.M disciplines will be present, including teachers, influencers, consultants, with the aim of animating and assisting the participants in carrying out the various activities. 


Primary School IVAN CANKAR - HR

IES Castelar - ES

KARIS School - IT

International Hackathon Conference live streaming and Partners Speeches